My documentations are not as weighty as the operation of certification.

This is the first day of my 2015.

Wow! It is so fun to look back and see how far my family has come. I also think it is really fun to think about where my family and I are going.

What will change in the next 40 days? I’m not asking the Lord to change. I hope it’s me. Alice Cooper sang his famous lyrics, “No more Mr. Nice Guy.” Well, I hope I finish this fast and say, “No more Mr. Mean guy.”

These are some things that fired across my synapses as I rode in the car with my family after an amazing hike on this first day of what will be the best year of my life.

You might think I am arrogant for boldly declaring that this will be the best year of my life. But if you only knew the challenges I have faced in the past few years you would totally agree with me. It couldn’t possibly be any worse.

However this is not to say that I have had nothing but bad. I have just finished the best few years of my life. #gofigure.

I want to ask you a rhetorical question. Can you have a great week and a horrible week in the same week? If so then you could have your best years and your worst years in the same season.

I hate to glorify the bad and I really love focusing on the good things of life. I know it makes some people angry when they see or hear another being all “Motivational” or “Optimistic”. But don’t you think I am better as a positive person than being one who gripes and moans all the time?

So think about the process of growth.

Here is what I am thinking. “My papers are not as powerful as the process of getting them.” #Ohnowthischangeseverything.

Next, “My documentations are not as weighty as the entire operation of certification.” #Ohnowthischangeseverything.

Think about this: “My journey is more important than my destination.” Where I am going is extremely important but what happens on the trip is developing me. #Ohnowthischangeseverything.

My Marine Corps marksmanship instructor constantly said, “The power to hit the target is hidden in your sight alignment.” I think I will do better in 2015 at focusing on the cross hairs in 2015. I hope you will at least agree that this is better.

Finally, “My destiny is hidden the process.”  #Ohnowthischangeseverything.

The great American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Your strength is in the climbing.” I think Emerson wanted me to see that what is on top of the mountain is not as important as the growth that took place while submitting. What do you think?


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